Resources for AJOVY

In addition to the treatment plan designed by you and your doctor, you may find these additional resources helpful. You'll find patient support, instructions to help you use AJOVY, and a migraine tracker to help you identify your migraine triggers, duration, and frequency.

AJOVY Resources
  • Migraine tools

    Download the Migraine Tracker
    Migraine Tracker

    Using this migraine tracker may help you and your doctor manage your treatment differently. Taking your completed tracker to your next doctor's appointment, along with the Doctor Discussion Guide, could help you and your doctor determine if AJOVY may be right for you.

    Download the Doctor Discussion Guide
    Doctor Discussion Guide

    This printable discussion guide can help you and your doctor decide if AJOVY may be appropriate for you.

  • Getting started on AJOVY

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    Download the Getting Started Brochure for AJOVY
    Getting Started Brochure for AJOVY

    This brochure contains information and resources to help you familiarize yourself with AJOVY.

  • Taking AJOVY

    Download the Step-by-step Injection Guide
    Step-by-Step Injection Guide download
    Download the Sharps Disposal Brochure
    Sharps Disposal Brochure

    This helpful guide provides the dos and don'ts on how to properly dispose of your sharps.