Patient stories

Everyone’s experience with migraine is different. Learn about real people taking AJOVY for the preventive treatment of migraine, and talk to your healthcare provider to see if AJOVY may be right for you.


from High Point, NC

Cher’s story

“I can say ‘yes’ to watching my grandson a couple times a week.”

Cher was diagnosed with migraine in her late 20s. For years, despite being a “planner” at heart, unexpected migraine attacks made it nearly impossible for her to stick to a schedule.
Thanks to AJOVY, Cher now has fewer migraine days and can make plans with her loved ones more freely. As a mom of three and a grandmother of five, those plans often entail family weekends spent at the beach or taking hikes. “I also can say ‘yes’ to watching my grandson a couple times a week. I can spend time with him without always having the cloud over my head that I may have to back out.”

Hear Katie’s story about migraine and how she discovered AJOVY.


from Okemos, MI

Jill’s story

“Now I have all kinds of moments to enjoy with my friends and family.”

Jill is a self-proclaimed “migraine advocate” from Michigan. She’s even dyed a streak of her hair purple—the color for migraine awareness.
Prior to discovering AJOVY, Jill experienced as many as 25 migraine days a month. After deciding with her doctor to take AJOVY, Jill has fewer migraine days. So now she has time to try things she’s always wanted to do, like learning to play the harp. She also has more time for the things she loves most, like empowering others with migraine by sharing her inspiring story.


from Atlanta, GA

Stephanie’s story

“Quarterly dosing fits with my
on-the-go busy lifestyle.”

Stephanie loves being a tourist in her own city of Atlanta. She has fewer migraine days with AJOVY, so she has more time to explore. The quarterly dosing option was a big reason Stephanie chose AJOVY.
“Quarterly dosing fits with my on-the-go busy lifestyle.” Stephanie’s migraine attacks used to be so frequent she could barely leave the house. Now, she says she’s able go to concerts, practice yoga in the park, and visit Atlanta’s many attractions.

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