AJOVY dosing options

AJOVY is long-acting, so you can take it just

4 times per year or 1 time per month

Or, you have the option to take it once a month.*†

AJOVY is the only injectable preventive treatment for migraine that you can take quarterly or monthly.

*”Long-acting” defined as efficacy measured over a 12-week period following a 675 mg (225 mg x 3) SC dose.

Quarterly dosing is 675 mg administered as three 225 mg SC injections every 3 months. Monthly dosing is one 225 mg SC injection each month.

SC: subcutaneous

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Take AJOVY in office or in your own home

In office

By a healthcare provider or nurse

At home

By yourself or with the help of someone

After your doctor provides guidance on administration.
Seventy percent

In a survey, nearly 70% of people said they’d choose quarterly over monthly dosing.

253 chronic and episodic migraine patients who previously participated in clinical trials were recruited to complete an online survey. Patients, blinded as to whether they received monthly or quarterly injections of AJOVY, were asked, “Would you rather take the injectable migraine medicine as 1 injection once a month or 3 injections once every 3 months?” 69% of respondents chose “3 injections once every 3 months.”

Which dosing option may be right for you?

AJOVY can be taken either quarterly or monthly to help prevent migraine. Talk to your healthcare provider about which option may work best for you.

Switching dosing options during treatment

AJOVY is the only preventive migraine treatment that can be taken either quarterly or monthly. After speaking with your healthcare provider, you may be able to switch to a less frequent dosing option taken only 4 times a year.

To help you get ready for a conversation with your healthcare provider about dosing, see the sample questions below:

  • Would you rather follow a monthly routine or have fewer overall treatment days to keep track of?
    • Let your healthcare provider know what kind of dosing routine you think would allow you to stay on track with treatment.
  • How comfortable are you with self-injecting?
    • Telling your healthcare provider about your comfort with self-injection will help inform which dosing option would be a good fit for you.
  • Do you have any upcoming events that would cause a significant change in your schedule or lifestyle?
    • If you have big plans or changes coming up, share them with your healthcare provider. Depending on what these changes are, your healthcare provider may suggest one AJOVY dosing option over the other.
  • Do you plan to become pregnant in the near future?
    • Let your healthcare provider know if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. This may affect which dosing option your healthcare provider chooses for you.


Stephanie’s Story: Quarterly AJOVY Dosing Stephanie’s Story: Quarterly AJOVY Dosing


from Atlanta, GA

“When my doctor mentioned AJOVY was quarterly, that really perked up my ears.”

see stephanie’s story

Find tips on talking to your healthcare provider

Our Discussion Guide can help you get ready to have a conversation about AJOVY.

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Track your migraine days

Fill out our migraine tracker for a record of your migraine days you can share with your healthcare provider.

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